After Hours Medical Support

State-wide Medical Telephone Advisory Service for HEALTH PROFESSIONALS

NSW Paediatric Palliative Care Programme is a collaboration of specialist paediatric palliative care services from Sydney Children’s Hospital Network (SCHN) and John Hunter Children’s Hospital (JHCH).

NSW Paediatric Palliative Care Programme has developed a state-wide process of medical on call to provide telephone advice to health professionals relating to Paediatric Palliative Care issues outside standard business hours.

  • There will always be a Paediatric Palliative Medicine Staff Specialist on call;
  • At times there will be a Clinical Fellow (SCH or CHW) first on call with Staff Specialist (JHCH, SCH or CHW) second on call.

This advisory service will be available for after hours telephone advice to:

Health professionals within NSW (and ACT) involved with caring for children with palliative care needs; children may already be known to one of the service providers, or may be unknown to PPC services at the time of contact:

  • For INPATIENTS (including CHW, SCH, JHCH)
    • approval from the managing consultant is required before contacting the A/H Advisory Service
    • contact should be made by a medical officer
  • For COMMUNITY patients
    • any health professional can contact the A/H Advisory Service

The following Hospital Switchboards have the current roster and contact details of On Call Consultants and Fellows.