Michelle's Story

Tell us about Michelle?

Michelle was born at 27 weeks and 2 days. Michelle started to have seizures and other health needs when she was 6 months old. However, Michelle is the most happy and spoilt child with the most beautiful personality. She is very cheeky and stubborn!!!

What does Michelle enjoy?

Michelle loves music e.g. The Wiggles and Disney. Michelle also loves pop and R&B music, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars. Other things she loves include:

  • Swimming pools
  • Storybooks
  • Outdoors (e.g. parks and shops)
  • Driving in the car
  • Seeing her family
  • Spinning Swings

What would you like health professionals to know about Michelle?

I have found the health professionals to be really nice and so helpful. I want them to know that when Michelle sees her physiotherapist or occupational therapist she sometimes will fake falling asleep. This is because she doesn’t want to do it and that shows her cheeky and stubborn personality.

What would you like health professionals to know about you in your parent/carer role?

I always worry about Michelle but love being her parent, spending time with her and seeing Michelle happy. I’ve learnt so much about how to look after Michelle and feel a lot more confident.

What is important to your family?

To see Michelle thrive in her goals and future!!! It is also important to be a happy and strong family for Michelle.

What does palliative care mean to you?

I think of the palliative care team every second Tuesday when we go to the hospital for our group session. Michelle is happy going through the doors. She loves the music, Jackson the dog, the sensory lights, the swimming pool and the lovely staff who are always there to help.