NSW Resuscitation Plan-Paediatric

The NSW Ministry of Health have recently improved documentation around resuscitation goals of care for all NSW adult and paediatric patients. 2 new forms have been developed and are mandated for use by all NSW Health clinicians:

  1. The NSW Resuscitation Plan
  2. The NSW Resuscitation Plan-Paediatric (for infants > 29 days to 18 years). 

Where a decision has been made to vary or limit resuscitation interventions, the Resuscitation Plan-Paediatric aims to standardise documentation and aid communication to all health providers caring for patients across the health sectors: i.e. hospital, community and the NSW Ambulance service

The following PowerPoint presentation has been developed to provide further information about the NSW Resuscitation Plan-Paediatric. Health professionals are encouraged to contact one of the NSW PPC Programme services if you have further questions. 

NSW Resuscitation Plan - Paediatric (powerpoint)

The Resuscitation Plan Paeadiatric