Equipment requirements for children with palliative care needs can vary greatly and be at times difficult to source. It is important for carers and health professionals who support the family to plan ahead.

Sometimes this equipment will already be in place as part of the child’s every day general care. On other occasions it will need to be prescribed through an Occupational Therapist or other Health Care Professional to ensure that it meets the child’s needs.

Some of the equipment that may be required is:

  • Electric Care Bed with side rails or alternative sleep system
  • Pressure Care Mattress  (high risk pressure care rating)
  • Hoist and sling
  • Wheelchair or stroller (high level of support with tilt in space)
  • Comfort seating
  • Commode / bathing device
  • Oxygen concentrator / small portable oxygen – (oxygen tubing)
  • Suction Pump (ability to be battery operated) – suction catheters
  • Syringe driver (inc equipment for s/c medications)
  • Feeding pump (NGT equipment)
  • Ramps
  • Sliding sheets
  • Positioning cushions
  • Transfer Boards
  • Stair-climbers

For assistance with equipment please discuss with your local occupational therapist or health care adviser. The local teams are often in the best place to know what services are in your area. They may able to source equipment from local lending pools, through services such as ENABLE or through alternative funding schemes.