Other Strategies

  • Talk to others, friends and family can play an important role here.  At other times it can also be helpful to talk to others who aren’t involved in the situation, such as  the medical team caring for your child
  • Learn about your own signs and levels of stress.  Recognising these signs can help to prompt you to draw on different strategies to deal with the stress and can stop you from burning out
  • Take breaks regularly
  • Break large tasks down in to smaller more manageable ones
  • Be realistic about goals and expectations for yourself
  • Write, or do some art to express how things are for you
  • Do some relaxation activities, this may help to decrease the tension in your body

The following Beyond Blue webpage provide some good relaxation ideas:

From the headtohealth website, information on:

ITunes also have some apps for relaxation techniques and planning:

  • Breathe2Relax (controlled breathing)
  • Pranayama Free (breathing and relaxation)
  • Cozi (calendar, home organiser)