HarveyTell us about Harvey?

Harvey was born at 26 weeks and weighed 910 grams.  Harvey has Arthrogryposis along with other complex health issues. Yes, he’s had a rocky start to life and one day at a time, he has reached many milestones.


What does Harvey enjoy?

In general he loves great company, bubbles, play hide and seek, music, swimming, picture books, a variety of childrens youtube shows like ABC’s Cocomelon and Little Einsteins.  2 of his favourite songs in multiple languages - The wheels on the bus and Baby shark. 


What would you like health professionals to know about Harvey?

Harvey is fun to be around with. His presence brings a smile to everyone he meets. He doesn’t like to do exercises and will do his best to avoid them. Don’t be fooled by his crocodile tears. 


What would you like health professionals to know about you in your parent/carer role?

I’ve only been in this role for 3 years and the experience and knowledge gained has been both overwhelming and rewarding. Feel free to give me advice and direction for Harvey and I. 


What is important to your family?

Family means alot to me.  Building a solid family foundation allows each and every one of us know that we’ll be there for each other no matter what. Since Harvey’s arrival, he amplifies these words - Love unconditionally and Give unto others wholeheartedly. 


What does palliative care mean to you?

For a while I had the palliative care misconception. I would hear those words and straight away the words ‘dying’ or ‘death’ would pop into my head. Since Harvey’s arrival, the team has helped me to stay on track with Harvey’s health care goals, fed and armed me with a wealth of knowledge, and have been an additional layer of support to me and my family.  Their service goes hand in hand with my religious beliefs also. Our goal is about showing and sharing Quality of Life experiences with Harvey.