Insights: Family Stories in the Media

Welcome to our Insights page where we share family films, articles and media stories. The origins of this page involve remarkable parents/carers who sent their palliative care team the following links that have been published. Each piece tells a unique story and provides a powerful insight into the lives of caring for a child with a life limiting condition.

The motivation for these courageous parents to share their stories is to reach out to other families in similar situations who may be feeling alone. It is also to increase awareness in both the community and health sector about the different paediatric palliative care illnesses and the daily challenges that these present. In sharing these stories our hope is to connect all readers with the very human experiences and emotions that are part of these families’ lives

Our sincere thanks to all the families who contributed to this page.


Expecting the Unexpected (website/documentary promo)

When you are having a baby, people buy you a book called “What to expect when you’re expecting”. And I remember one day I had it in the car driving to and from the hospital from my apartment and I felt so angry that I wound down the window on the M4 and I threw the book out of the car”. 




Angelina's StoryAngelina’s Story (Childhood Dementia Initiative website)

“Just two years ago, Angelina’s schoolwork showed full pages of neat writing, underlining, answering of questions and problem-solving. Now Angelina is lucky to write a few words or read simple sentences.”